Skylight Replacement

Worry free skylight replacement.

Can you imagine a house or building without windows? Certainly not. Investing in quality skylights and roof windows adds natural light to the environment while adding value to the property. Many property owners shy away from replacing out-of-date skylights due to concerns regarding lengthy construction time, mess and high financial costs. Finding a contractor with proven knowledge, experience and expertise who specializes in skylight replacements, repairs and installations makes the process simple from conception to post-installation, saving you the headaches.  From now on you can breathe easy knowing Skylight is your trusted partner in all your skylight projects.

Investing in new skylights is money well spent.

Many owners think most skylight replacement projects are completely unnecessary. They ask, “Why a new window when you already have one?” Modern skylights give your commercial building, office or house not only aesthetic value, but improved technical and energy saving qualities. The latest technologies have changed heat-insulating properties as well as added features to skylights that were not available 15 years ago. In the summer, vented skylights protected the interior from overheating. In the winter, new types of glazing reduce heat loss. Gradually, this leads to a reduction in energy costs and eventually a complete return of investment within a few years.

Formerly a luxury standard today: Shielding accessories. Using blinds or awnings can further improve thermal comfort, especially during the summer months. The installation of shielding accessories are recommended during the installation or replacement of new skylights to save time and sometimes even money in the form of price premiums and discounts.

Tip! For a comfortable nights rest in the summer with open windows, you will appreciate another useful accessory – practical mosquito nets.

Would you like more light?

When replacing your old roof windows with new ones, you can choose between restoring the interior or complete change. You have the choice of replacing your existing skylights with skylights identical in size or larger. And if you desire to keep the old skylight and add an additional two to give your living space more sunshine, air and a better view, it is possible – and a request our Skylight technicians can perform.

Overlook the misconceptions.

The misconception of skylight replacements being a complex and time-consuming project is the reason why many property owners do not upgrade or replace their skylight systems until damage occurs. If the new skylight is the same size as the original, the installation does not take more than two hours and not a day is interrupted or wasted.

Upgrading to modern skylights and acknowledging the structure of the roofs insulation properties are some of the most common recommendations for energy saving. Most old skylights allow heat to escape and every year, money is thrown out the window, money that you could have invested invested in a new skylight system that will save energy and return your investment.

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